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Eve's Haven International, Inc. - "Healthy Living" The one thing that changes everything.

Eve's Haven International, Inc. empowers communities to proactively manage their physical/mental health by providing community education and healthcare outreach services. 

EHI has strives to deliver excellence in community health education by focusing on the unique-health information needs and concerns of underserved constituencies and communities.  

Jacqueline Y. Ross, CEO/Founder
A Message from our founder...
"When your body is healthy, you enjoy clarity of mind which helps you nurture your spirit.  By honoring and taking care of your body, you are also honoring God for it is the temple that he's given us". 
"Understanding the greater goal of putting community before self, a goal that bridles the tongue and guards the heart, realizing it's no longer about self but about the body making a remarkable difference in their community."

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